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About us

the company

  • More than 25 years of experience in the field of technical IT solutions and transport mobility

  • General services: consulting, systems engineering, project management, R&D
  • Research and development of system solutions with special focus on railway solutions for railway infrastructure operations
  • Concept design, field-installations, remote monitoring and system operation of wayside sensor systems (RFID, noise,..)
  • Basic research and development of railside sensor systems and aplication together with scientific partners

Railway Solutions:

  • RFID based AVI systems for identification of rolling stock
  • Monitoring of train noise and identification of possible technical faults (flat spots, etc.)
  • High accurate GNSS tracking of railway vehicles and digitalisation of track-/switch layouts of railway terminals and yards
  • Digital Transformation of site management and operations


  • Team: hard-and softwaredevelopers with long term experiences in industrial and railway IT solutions

Our Key Features

The following products and services are currently offered by us

Rail Reader

Detection of trains and identification of single wagons using RFID


Real-time monitoring of train noise emission


Seat occupancy detection in public transport


GPS/high accurate GNSS based T&T and track survey