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About us

the company

  • More than 25 years of experience in the field of technical IT solutions and transport mobility

  • General services: consulting, systems engineering, project management, R&D
  • Research and development of system solutions with special focus on railway solutions for railway infrastructure operations
  • Concept design, field-installations, remote monitoring and system operation of wayside sensor systems (RFID, noise,..)
  • Basic research and development of railside sensor systems and aplication together with scientific partners

Railway Solutions:

  • TRANOS – acoustics monitoring & flat spot indication
  • DRAM – digital transformation in management of railway sites (www.dram.at)
  • KOREMA – web-tool for efficient management of intermediate parking of rolling stock
  • RFID based AVI systems for identification of rolling stock
  • High accurate GNSS tracking of railway vehicles and digitalisation of track-/switch layouts of railway terminals and yards
  • Digital Transformation of site management and operations


  • Team: hard-and softwaredevelopers with long term experiences in industrial and railway IT solutions

Products and Services

The following products and services are offered:


DRAM -webbased management of terminals and railway sites


KOREMA -webbased fleet management of rolling stock for intermediate parking

RFID Detector

RFID based detection of trains and identification of single wagons


High accurate GNSS based T&T and track survey


Continuous monitoring of railway noise - emissions


Seat occupancy detection in public transport