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How the “Railreader Maintenance Support” ensures a high level of safety and availability in railway networks

Description:This paper describes a service concept based on an cost efficient RFID identification
technology and an software solution for the accurate allocation of measurements from wayside
train monitoring systems to specific wagons which supports the train and wagon operator to
keep the technical shape of their wagons at a high level. Thus the wearing of the network lines
can held low and track closures for maintenance work can be minimized. The described system
(“Railreader-Maintenance Support”) generates added value of the measurements by exactly
allocate them to a specific wagon or its parts as axles, bogies, wheels, etc.
An upcoming maintenance need can be early recognized and countermeasures being taken by
the train or wagon operator in time. The so maintained wagons are generally staying in a better
shape and therefore introduce less wearing to the infrastructure itself. This leads to increased
safety, less track maintenance effort and ensures higher availability of track resources and more
revenues for all parties concerned.

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