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Large Scale Train Detector Network ensures efficiency and safety in train operation

Description:This paper describes the hurdles and benefits of implementing a large scale train detector
network based on RFID technology for a european railway infrastructure operator. This
system consists of so called “readpoints” located on specific locations within the railway
network and keeps track on the vehicles of each train throughout their travel. The mobile
segment of the system is represented by a small RFID transponder mounted on the railway
vehicle transmitting its vehicle number when passing by. Challenges were to interconnect
various IT “worlds” in a unique system, to cope with the circumstances of remote stations
which are hard to reach for local service, to handle a large amount of information in time for
further processing and to achieve a high 24/7 availability of the system. It will be shown how
to develop an all over systems design for such a large scale traindetector network, which
focus has to be set on applications on readpoints and hosts to “uniform” the messaging, how
could it be ensured that the system can flexible be extended by size and functionality and the
demands for browser and mobile device oriented user interfaces for the operation personnel.
The system now handles 350+ detector stations.

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