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Description:All stakeholders in the railway transportation sector are
interested in keeping the costs low, the availability and
transport quality at an high level and optimise
maintenance and repair. This needs exact knowledge
about the rolling stock’s technical status. Normally a
railway car has to receive an “renewal service” once all
5 years. This period is not reflecting the actual usage of
the wagon and therefore its technical status. Valuable
information can be gathered from the numerous
wayside train sensing systems which are nowadays only
designated for checking a passing train for safety
operation. If the measurement values (bearing
temperatures, weights, wheel condition, and more) can
be allocated seriously to a specific wagon and its
relevant parts, a upcoming service demand or defect
could be detected long before the problem rise to a
sever level. For exact allocation, a proper identification
technology is needed! The proposed “Rail-Reader”
RFID-System can ensure this exact data allocation und
all conditions. The paper explains the proposed
solution, gives an overview on further added value
created and discuss some related issues concerning a
cross network and cross operator wide approach helping
to lower costs and increase efficiency and benefits in
railway transport.

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