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“FreeSEAT” Identification of Availability of Seat-Ressources in Public Transport

Description:The availability of a free seat in a public passenger train can be an important factor for a traveler
to decide for using a public transport for his travel or not. “FreeSEAT” addresses the regional
train network as well as the international train operators by development of a system for
detecting free and occupied seats just in time and present this information at the railway
platform while a train is approaching the terminal. A new developed sensor element which is
able to be easy installed in existing seat-structures of passenger coaches, in regional trains and
even a tram is the base of that service. This sensor operates with own energy and is able to
detect if a seat is occupied by a human being. This information is collected within a wagon by a
small wagon data-concentrator device using radio data transmission and is furthermore
transmitted together with information about the actual location of the vehicle to a central server
application. This application offers information services based on this occupancy information
and actual location of the wagon/train. In this way it is possible, to display the availability of
free seating capacity shortly before the train arrives at a railway station to raise the comfort of
the travel for the valued passengers avoiding hurdling through the train looking for a free seat
(the “train rally”) and reduce standing time in the station. The system gives also relevant
information about the movements of the passengers within a train when the train approaches the
railway station of after leaving the station and thus paving the way for new value added services
to be developed in near future as e.g. short term reservation of a seat, support the dispatching of
connecting trains and busses and even increase the efficiency of the fleet management.

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