The company


  • Established in 1993
  • General Services: Consulting, Systems Engineering, Projekt Management
  • Development of SCADA systems for railway, transport and mobility
  • Business-focus „Basic R&D“:
    • Hard- and software development, systems concept, systems design
    • Collect, transmit, store and analyse information generated in the transport network
    • Using GNSS and dGNSS for accurate & high accurate location of vehicles & surveying of tracks
    • Automatic identification of (railway) vehicles using RFID based AVI technologies (EPC Gen2 passive)
  • Business-focus „Field Tests“:
    • Conduct field tests, install, service and monitor installed equipment
    • Monitore and analyse measurements according project goals
  • Business-focus „Operation of Wayside Train Monitoring Systems“ (WTMS):
    • Monitor and operate wayside data acquisition equipment incl. AVI train detection/ -identification
    • On behalf of the infrastructure provider or (train) operator
  • Products:
    • Traindetector „RAIL-READER“
    • Train noisemonitor „WALEM“
    • Seat occupancy detection „freeSEAT“
    • Railway track- surveying, digital mapping and Tracking&Tracing „Trackbuilder“
    • RFID middleware framework for large scale train detector networks „RFID mwGEN2“
  • Team:
    • Hard- and software developers, system integrators, system engineers,
      transport- and commercial experts with many years of experience